PASS Infrastructure

At a high level, PASS is decomposed into the following parts:

PASS Architecture V1


The following describes the current PASS Infrastructure.


EC2 virtual machines provide access to internal resources within the AWS VPC.

Learn more about deploying pass-docker via EC2.


PASS was developed using Docker containers and running within Amazon’s ECS infrastructure running as a single task (multiple containers) under 1 service. Future development is expected to transition to using Kubernetes and utilizing Amazon’s EKS.


PASS uses a PostgreSQL database instance under RDS to store metadata and system information.

Amazon MQ

PASS uses Amazon MQ as a queue to capture publication events that are read and executed by the deposit service.


The object storage is within AWS’s S3 infrastructure. In particular,

Application Load Balancer

SSL termination and front end for the entire infrastructure. No special rules, just forwards to the ECS service on port 80.


We run a number of Shibboleth service providers, one for each environment.

Build Artifacts:

Component Artifact Source repo Notes
UI Docker image, Nginx w/web app Source code from pass-ui, artifact created in pass-docker Includes NPM package we publish from pass-emnber-adapter
Ember assets Docker image, Nginx Source code from pass-ui-public, artifact created in pass-docker  
Apache HTTPd reverse proxy Docker image, Apache pass-docker  
Async Service: deposit services Docker image, multiple intermediate Docker images (not deployed) pass-deposit-services, pass-package-providers (intermediate) Maven builds intermediate Docker images, pass-docker builds final image
Async service: notification services Docker image pass-notification-services Docker image created in pass-docker from Spring Boot JAR created by Maven build in pass-notification-services, released to Sonatype
Sync service: REST API Docker image ( pass-core Generates an executable JAR
Batch service: COEUS JAR pass-grant-loader Task run manually or cron job
Batch service: NIHMS loader (formerly NIHMS ETL) JAR pass-nihms-loader Task run manually or cron job
Batch service: Journal loader JAR pass-journal-loader Task run manually or cron job
Support: Java client JAR pass-data-client JAR for interacting with objects in the PASS data model over JSON API

Production Deployment (Kubernetes)

We will soon be upgrading our initial production instance (which is based on Fedora) to the new PASS architecture described above. Part of this transition will also be to move from ECS to EKS, in order to deploy in a more standardized Kubernetes environment. This will also allow us to explore support for other cloud providers (such as Azure) in the future. We welcome questions, discussion, and pull requests in this area.

Going Forward

As we move towards an Eclipse Foundation hosted Open-Access PASS there will be changes to the PASS architecture, changes to the infrastructure, and changes to the deployment process. This will be documented here, as well as within our PASS Development Pipeline.