Eclipse PASS Demo

You can find more information about the Eclipse PASS demo here. You can login to the Eclipse PASS demo directly here.

Submission Workflow

  1. Login with username: nih-user and password: moo
  2. Enter submission workflow by clicking on the “Start new submission” button
  3. Enter DOI 10.1039/c7an01256j into the DOI input field
  4. PASS will retrieve data and populate the submission ‘title’ and ‘journal’ fields. You may need to wait a moment for this to occur.
  5. Grants step: go to next step and select an NIH grant: Click anywhere on the row to select grant: R07EY012124 - Regulation of Synaptic Plasticity in Visual Cortex
    • When a grant is selected, it should appear in a separate “Grants added to submission” table, appearing above the “Available grants” table
  6. Policies step: accept the currently selected policies, click Next to move on
    • Default selection for NIH policy is expected in most cases
  7. Repositories step: accept the selected repositories, click Next to move on
    • JScholarship should be selected by default
  8. Metadata (details) step: accept the pre-filled metadata, click Next to move on
    • Metadata form should have most fields pre-populated with data from the DOI with each such field being read-only
  9. Files step: add any file to the submission, click Next to move on.
  10. Review step: click Submit
    • Accept the Deposit Requirements for JScholarship popup by selecting the checkbox and clicking Next
    • Click “Confirm” on the next popup
  11. Observe the “thank you” screen

Known Limitations

Mocked APIs


Manuscript file lookup service

Intended to lookup open access files that already exist online for a given DOI

File (upload) handling

File handling for PASS submissions. Used for CRUD operations for the manuscript and supporting files.

Returns the set of metadata requested for the set of target repositories for the in-progress submission as JSON schema to drive one or more forms

Repository service

Gets a set of repositories that can or must recieve the submission

Policy service

Gets a set of open access policies that apply to the submission, determined after a user determines the target repositories. Technically part of the same service as the Repository service described above

Other Known Issues