The PASS application is split between many components. Below is a summary

Component Summary  
pass-authz Various authz related components including a user service for dermining the logged in user (included in fcrepo image by pass-docker) and a service for automatically updating the permission on fcrepo objects (authz image in pass-docker)  
pass-data-model JSON-LD contexts URLs need updating to eclipse-pass
pass-ui The user interface written in Ember  
pass-ui-public Holds most of the static assets used by the pass-ui  
pass-ember-adapter Adapter for interacting with the Fedora repository  
pass-indexer The pass-indexer keeps an Elasticsearch index up to date with resources in a Fedora repository.  
pass-policy-service HTTP API for determining the policies applicable to a given Submission  
pass-metadata-schemas JSON schemas and example data intended to describe PASS submission metadata  
pass-download-service PASS download service  
pass-notification-services Notification Services (NS) reacts to SubmissionEvent messages emitted by the Fedora repository by composing and dispatching notifications in the form of emails to the participants related to the event.  
pass-doi-service Service for accepting a DOI and returning a Journal ID and Crossref metadata for the DOI  
pass-deposit-services Deposit Services are responsible for the transfer of custodial content and metadata from end users to repositories. Includes Dockerfile for service.  
pass-indexer-checker A simple check of the indexer before kicking off a push for a loader  
pass-java-client Java library for interacting with PASS data  
pass-messaging-support Support library for interacting with fcrepo  
pass-package-providers Contains support for pass-deposit-services to package deposits for various repositories. Also has Dockerfiles which add provider support by extending pass-deposit-services image. Requires max mvn version 3.6.3 (though seems to depend on the platform) which permits insecure (http) repositories (e.g.  

There are a few additional project that help support Eclipse PASS but are not part of the core application.

Component Summary
pass-docker The canonical environment for demonstrating integration of the PASS UI application
playground An collection of small hello-world like applications written in the technologies being used with eclipse-pass so that we can isolate, build, deploy and troubleshoot ops procedures separate from issues with the underlying projects.
pass-dupe-checker Traverses a Fedora repository containing PASS resources, and for each resource, determines if a duplicate exists
pass-docker-mailserver This fork of docker-mailserver is purpose-built to support integration testing of PASS components

The following application help load data into PASS

Component Summary
pass-nihms-loader The NIHMS Submission ETL contains the components required to download, transform and load Submission information from NIHMS to PASS.
pass-grant-loader This project is comprised of code for retrieving grant data from some kind of data source, and using that data to update the PASS backend.
pass-journal-loader Parses the PMC type A journal .csv file, and/or the medline database .txt file, and syncs with the repository

The following repositories have been forked from others

Component Forked From Notes
modeshape ModeShape N/A
pass-fcrepo-module-auth-rbacl birkland Role Based Authorization Delegate Module for the Fedora 4 Repository

Java Project Dependencies

Dependency tree for the Java components in PASS.

Java component hierarchy